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You will find below profiled inxpyred projects from emerging medtech and wearable technologies.

All in all, we hope you'll find the following projects compelling, worthy of emulation, and exciting examples of ways 21st century wearable medtech are reinventing the medical device space

NUUBO | Wearable ECG


The Nuubo textile-based electrodes technology has been designed to obtain the best ECG signal quality while achieving best-in-class patient comfort

- Avoid skin allergies

- Optimal electrode performance quality

- Flexible and stretchable conductive tracks

- Patient comfort during daily activities

- Electrode location flexibility

- Seamless fabrics (elastomeric polymers) with two elastic axes

- High-quality and comfortable fabric without adhesives

TEXALIGN | Daily-wearable 3D imaging of the human torso

Resulting from extensive research founded on seminal results at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), TEXALIGN’s proprietary technologies comprise hardware, software and use models for wearable 3D torso-imaging from sensorized undergarments suitable for continuous, every-day wear.

Such enabling technology allows for full-torso, millimeter-accuracy movement assessment in the clinic, real-time feedback while exercising at the clinic and at home, and postural alerts in everyday settings, with a single device

DAWAKO | Wearable BioSensonics


The Wearable BioSensonics Company: Dawako is a medtech startup, providing state-of-the-art and advanced solutions to bring innovations from emerging wearable biomedical technologies to market.

Established in the University of Valencia Science Park (Spain), with the aim of enabling a new paradigm of dynamic imaging biomarkers analysis for precision medicine, facilitating decision-making for personalized care on MSK health and performance

FOREN | Giving back the movement activating your brain

Foren Method is a pioneering project through which we hope to open a new and revolutionary path in the treatment of neurological damage.

Our investigation in the field of virtual reality applied to rehabilitation therapies offers a new hope of recovery from the physical damages of spinal injuries, strokes and multiple sclerosis

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